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ORIGIN:  Jamaica

GENRE:  Reggae

LABEL:  B4Muzik Records sa de cv



The Black Star Band is a band in which fulfilling roots
reggae music has resonated in its heart since its formation. 

The Black Star Band was formed in the year 1998 consisting of the brothers, King Marathon the lead singer, Mardon Brown, the bass player, Lance Brown, the guitarist of the band and Felix Ikpide, the percussionist. These brothers have understood and mastered the art of reggae music as it is their first love and have been playing since the early 1900s  individually.The band originated in the parish of St.

Thomas, Kingston's neighbouring parish inJamaica, in an effort to satisfy the hearts and souls of many listeners under both the English and Spanish umbrellas as the band also produces excellent Spanish music. 
The members have Lived in Mexico for many years which had accumulated to them having a large fan base in Mexico and the Latin world. They are very well known In Jamaica as well as they have many Hits there which resonate with the people living there.
There are some band members who have in previous years collaborated with reggae veterans such as Freddie Mcgregor, Luciano, Richie Stephens, Justin Hinds, Max Romeo, U-Roy and Michael Rose just to name a few.The Black Star band has performed in at many major concerts worldwide and aspire to grow even more internationally. 
In the spirit of creating great music and our passion and story to the world,the Black Star Band has produced four albums, ¨Tributo a la Musica Latina¨ containing many great Latin hits, ¨In Your Eyes¨, ¨El Juego del Amor¨, and ¨Mayan Princess and multiple singles¨. The Black Star Band aspires to make positive music for the upliftment of the people and to reach every soul in all nations and will continue to do so as the life goes on.


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